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AGU SEQ rain jacket


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Mehr Infos

The AGU SEQ Urban rain jacket is an award-winning rain jacket. This rain jacket, from designer Kyra Meilink, was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, an international distinction for aesthetic, innovative and functional design.

The SEQ rain jacket is stylish, beautifully cut and follows the lines of the body. This makes the rain jacket fit well around the body. The waistband is slightly more spacious, giving the jacket and extremely comfortable fit.

This rain jacket has an innovative system that will transform your stylish rain jacket in no time into an elegant poncho for cycling. You can zip the sides of the jacket open and hang them over your handlebars. The front panel then unfolds to cover both your hands and the handlebars, keeping them dry while biking.

The SEQ Urban regenjas is made of a new four-way stretch material. This material is soft and supple and keeps the jacket not only light, but also noiseless. The Poray 5000 coating ensures that this SEQ rain jacket is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The mesh lining optimises the jacket's breathable properties.

The AGU SEQ Urban rain jacket is available in the colours Anthracite, Steel Blue and Olive.

The rain jacket is available in sizes XS - XXL.


1 100% waterproof and windproof

2 Breathable thanks to Poray 5000 coating

3 Extendable into a poncho thanks to a simple zipper system

4 Upper portion of zipper equipped with chin protector

5 Ergonomically shaped good

6 Poncho equipped with handles

Technische Daten

Technische Daten

Merk AGU
Model year 2017
Pockets 2



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AGU  SEQ rain jacket

AGU SEQ rain jacket

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