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    BREAK FROM THE GROUP...and show yourself. When the temperature rises and you open your jersey, show the Alé style. The sleeveless mesh jersey in Velo Air is breathable and dries very quickly.

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  • 14,18€ 31,50€

    FRESH AND DRY. Sleeveless base layer in super lightweight Velo Air mesh, breathable and fast dry for the hottest climate.

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  • 54,00€

    100% BTX Polypropylene yarn fiber to contact with skin. External polyurethane layer guarantee a windproof protection.

  • 59,90€

    BIOFLEX is a line of differentiated compression underwear that improves circulation and stimulates your muscle tone to help you attain your best performance. Elasticised and seamless, these garments are close-fitted, suitable for competition, training, and outdoor matches during the hottest months.  

  • 66,90€

    BIOFLEX WARM is a line of thermal underwear offering graduated compression to guarantee the utmost performance and highest protection for those practicing winter sports. The close fit emphasises your musculature, while the fabric is highly insulating and breathable.

  • 46,90€

    With only two sizes it is possible to dress from XXS to XXL. With the absence of seams it assures incredible comfort and practical use. As well as being a super flexible and softmaterial it emphasises the muscles and body outline in a modern and aggressive way.

  • 77,90€

    POWERFLEX WARM is the line dedicated to those who practice winter sports and would never give up training and competitions, not even during the coldest months of the year. The garments, all created seamlessly in warp-knitted bielastic mesh, are insulating and highly resistant.